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Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA)

Enhancing the Community-Based Winter Basketball Experience

Important Announcements

2024-25 Membership Season Begins on June 3

  • 2024-25 MYBA membership registration opens
  • Post your tournament to the MYBA Tournament Index
  • Roll your teams over from the 2023-24 season to the 2024-25 season

Important Info

  • All association related items need to be completed within your association portal.
    • Team creation, roster invitations, event creation, event management.
  • Please make sure your Staff tab is up to date.
    • This is where we generate our communication list.
    • Please make sure that new board members are added (so they can be informed) and individuals no longer serving on your board are removed (so they do not get inconvenienced with receiving communication no longer relevant to them).

Click here to access the MYBA membership renewal (June 3) and your association portal. 

Click here for an important announcement pertaining to RegisterPlay Brackets.

Check out this video from Brainerd Basketball Association Board Member, Wade Haapajoki, highlighting the benefits of the Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance!

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What is the MYBA?
The MYBA is a collaborative effort between the MYAS, the MYBA Basketball Board of Advisors, and youth basketball leaders from around the state working together to strengthen and enhance community-based youth basketball during the winter season.

How does my association join the MYBA?

  • Associations must adhere to the Best Practices for youth basketball organizations,  Team Composition Guidelines.
  • Currently, the MYBA is for 3rd-8th grade travel and school teams only. 
  • Membership includes a minimal annual fee but provides many benefits. 

Why should my youth basketball association join the MYBA?

  • It is our goal to have EVERY association throughout the state of Minnesota, proudly join the MYBA, so we’ve added additional benefits of joining in the inaugural year very impactful.
    • The 2023-2024 MYBA membership boasted 172 community- based youth basketball associations throughout the state of Minnesota.
  • MYBA member associations will receive FREE tournament listings on the MYBA Tournament Index. This is a savings of $75 per tournament compared to previous listing fees. Minnesota youth basketball associations that choose not to join the MYBA membership will be unable to promote their invitational tournament on the Tournament Index.
  • MYBA members will receive a significant per-team discount through the RegisterPlay tournament bracketing platform. 
  • Only teams originating from MYBA members, are eligible to compete in the MYAS Grade State Championships.
  • Establish the 5 C's for your association (Compliance, Communication, Connectivity, Consistency & Concise Results)