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What is the MYBA?
The Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA) is a collaborative effort between the MYAS, the MYAS Basketball Board of Advisors, and travel basketball leaders from around the state working together to enhance community-based basketball during the winter season. The intent of the MYBA is to unify the winter community based youth basketball community. The MYBA will also foster the 5 C's:  Compliance, Communication, Consistency, Connectivity and Conciseness for all participants and the associations that serve them.

Who is the MYAS Basketball Board of Advisors?
This group is made up of 25+ youth basketball association leaders from around the state of Minnesota. This group provides guidance and accountability to the MYAS staff pertaining to basketball policies, rules, and events. Recently, subcommittees were created to provide additional guidance and support to winter-community based basketball programming. These subcommittees include; Team Composition & Player Eligibility, MYBA and Programming.

Who should join the MYBA?
Every bonafide community-based travel basketball association and school youth basketball program should join the MYBA. At this time, the MYBA does not pertain to in-house/rec teams.

Why should associations join the MYBA?
The MYBA is being formed to enhance community-based basketball during the winter basketball season. It’s designed to bring associations together in a way that creates a consistent and positive experience for our youth basketball programs across the state. The alliance will serve to better connect associations, assist in improved team and player identification, add consistency to rules and regulations, and constantly strive to find ways to enhance player safety and skill development.

Who is monitoring to ensure that MYBA members are meeting membership requirements?
The MYAS basketball staff will collect the necessary information. Members from the MYAS Basketball Board of Advisors and its Subcommittees will also be assisting in some of the processes. 

What if an MYBA member association is not meeting the requirements and/or team composition guidelines?
Should compliance and eligibility violations arise, appropriate action will be taken, which may include but is not limited to written censures, suspensions of individuals, loss of MYBA membership, or the loss of the privilege to participate in MYBA/MYAS basketball events.

Is there a fee to join the MYBA?
Yes, there is annual fee to be a member of the MYBA.

How do MYBA members post their tournament on the MYAS website?
Only MYBA members are eligible to post their tournament on the Tournament Index. Once you join the MYBA, click on the Tournament tab in your portal. From there, you can submit and modify your tournament information. 

What is a Trusted Tournament?
A Trusted Tournament is a tournament that is coordinated by an MYBA member association. MYBA members have agreed to not allow any independent or all-star/open teams to participate and follow best practices promoted by the MYAS.

Are there standard playing rules that Trusted Tournaments need to use?
No, but the MYAS strongly encourages all tournaments to use the same playing rules. You can find those rules here. Coaches, players, and officials would greatly appreciate the consistency.