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RegisterPlay Event Registration & Scheduling

RegisterPlay is the Official Bracketing Platform of the MYBA

Why use RegisterPlay for your tournament?

  1. It’s affordable! MYBA members receive a discounted fee of only $4 per team – saving your association precious funding.
  2. It’s easy! RegisterPlay puts you in control of your tournament and takes the hassles out of scheduling.
  3. Game results automatically flow into the MYBA Game Results Index. FINALLY! 
  4. Free mobile app.
  5. Through the MYBA Portal, you can:
    1. Create your tournament
    2. Advertise it on the MYBA Tournament Index
    3. Accept online registrations and payments
    4. Manage registrations and view team contact info
    5. Create the game schedules, no importing of teams needed
  6. RegisterPlay is an Event Scheduling & Registration service designed to streamline and simplify the process of organizing and managing youth events. With RegisterPlay, event organizers can manage entries, receive payments, and create & publish event schedules all in one place.
  7. RegisterPlay also provides tools to track entries, generate reports to help event organizers make informed decisions and improve the overall event experience for all involved. With RegisterPlay, managing youth events has never been easier.
  8. An effective scheduling tool is also essential for keeping everyone involved in the event informed and up-to-date. This includes the event staff and participants (coaches, players/parents). By having access to a centralized scheduling tool, you can communicate effectively and quickly and make changes as necessary.
  9. Furthermore, a good scheduling tool can help event directors to manage their time more effectively. By allocating resources and managing tasks efficiently, event directors can ensure that the event runs smoothly while minimizing the risk of scheduling conflicts or oversights.
  10. Conflict Checker
    1. Avoid scheduling two games on the same court at the same time
    2. Avoid scheduling a team to play two games at the same time

Games per Bracket

  • 4 team pool: 6 games
  • 5 team pool: 10 games
  • 6 team pool: 9 games
  • 7 team pool: 12 games
  • 8 team bracket: 12 games
  • 9 team bracket: 15 games
  • 10 team bracket: 17 games
  • 11 team bracket: 19 games
  • 12 team bracket: 21 games
  • 13 team bracket: 23 games
  • 14 team bracket: 25 games
  • 15 team bracket: 27 games
  • 16 team bracket: 29 games
  • 18 team pool to bracket: 33 games

Traditional Travel Basketball Bracket Examples


10 Team Bracket Schedule
11 Team Bracket Schedule
12 Team Bracket Schedule
13 Team Bracket Schedule
14 Team Bracket Schedule
15 Team Bracket Schedule
16 Team Bracket Schedule
18 Team Pool Schedule
4 Team Pool Schedule
5 Team Pool Schedule
6 Team Pool Schedule
7 Team Pool Schedule
8 Team Bracket Schedule
9 Team Bracket Schedule

What is the maximum number of teams you can handle?

  • To obtain this number, you will have to determine how many games slots you have available and how many games need to be played.
    • To determine how many game slots you have available, create a gym matrix and count the available game slots.
    • To determine how many games need to be played, add the number of games that need to be played in each division.

Note: Games slots must be equal to or greater than the number of games that need to be played.