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3rd Grade Basketball League

Schedules & Standings


The MYBA 3rd Grade Travel Basketball League is dedicated to providing a high quality youth basketball experience to families as they begin their travel basketball journey. 

For Highlights and Information, see below.

League Info


3rd Grade

Play Dates

Pick 5 of the 6 play dates listed below.

Date Format
December 2 2 Game Play Date
December 16 2 Game Play Date
January 6 2 Game Play Date
January 20 2 Game Play Date
February 3 2 Game Play Date
February 17 League Playoffs (2-3 Games)



10 total games (minimum). Each team will play 2 games per play date. League Playoffs may include 3 games.

League Playoffs Clarification

  • The League Playoffs are held on Feb 17.
  • Feb 17 is one of the six play dates.
  • Teams can choose to participate in the Feb 17 League Playoffs.
  • Teams can choose not to participate in the Feb 17 League Playoffs.
  • Awards will be provided at the League Playoffs for the teams that place 1st or 2nd in their tournament. 


Boys and Girls. Boys must play on boys teams and girls must play on girls teams.


A (strongest),  B, C


Teams must commit to five dates.

Entry Fee

$1,200 per team (includes admission fees)


Register by 11:59pm on November 1

Admission Fee

Daily admission will not be charged when attending the games


Teams must meet the MYBA Team Eligibility Guidelines

Additional Details-

  • Ball Size: 27.5
  • Basket Height: 10 feet
  • Free Throw Distance: 12 feet


No 4th Grade Teams!

The league will ensure that your opponent will be a 3rd grade team. No more signing up for a 3rd grade tournament and then get combined with 4th grade teams.

Great Introduction to Travel Basketball

Allows families to ease their way into the travel basketball experience.

Limited Travel

The goal is to create leagues in multiple pockets around the twin cities metro area and beyond.

Flexible Scheduling

Pick the dates that work best for your team. Provides the ability to play in tournaments on off weeks.

Save Time

Play two games in one day and get the rest of your weekend back.

Save Money

Less money per game compared to tournaments.

Fundraising Opportunities

Hosting opportunities available to participating and non-participating associations. More info to come.

League Operations Experience

The MYAS staff has experience running

  • Basketball leagues with 150 teams
  • Baseball leagues with 500 teams in the spring/summer and 300 teams in the fall
  • Football leagues with 150 teams

Professional Staff

The MYAS & WSS are comprised of 24 full-time staff ready to serve you. We know how to run events of the highest quality. The MYAS Grade State Championships and the WSS Badgerland Basketball Championships are two great examples of the high quality events that we coordinate.

State Tournament

The MYAS Grade State Championships had over 1500 teams participate in the 2023 Grade State Championships. People like the state tournaments because they are well-run and teams are separated into divisions based on ability which allows for the most competitive games possible.