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  • Conduct 1st Environment – pre-event email content, team handouts, spectator handouts, signage, pocket reminders, official’s vote tracking and support
  • Youth 1st Team Awards Recognition  – team recognition materials (plaques, player cards, team posters, wristbands, lanyards, etc.), press releases, social media and website promotion, partner experience (Twins, Saints, Gophers, etc)
    • Covers any single weekend tournament, including multiple age groups
    • Baseball Tournament Hosts will receive a credit for up to (2) GSTC qualifiers* (up to $100 value)
    • Additional weekend tournaments by same host = $350
    • Each additional weekend tournament includes a credit for (1) GSTC qualifier* ($50 value)

*qualifiers must be offered to the host organization in order to qualify for the credit


Create a Conduct 1st Environment during your home tournament by having MYAS/Youth 1st work with your Tournament Director and Officials to implement these simple steps:

  1. Send emails to each team prior to the Tournament, highlighting the emphasis on Conduct and Sportsmanship. Teams will be asked to share these emails with their coaches and parents, encouraging them to support this effort!  (MYAS/Youth 1st will provide customized content)
  2. Display signage at your tournament site (concessions, admissions gates, high traffic areas). Provide teams with handouts at check in, and to fans at admissions gates.  (MYAS/Youth 1st provided)
  3. The official(s) will hand a Pocket Reminder card to the head coach from each team during the pre-game meeting, reminding them of the emphasis on Conduct and Sportsmanship. Coaches will be asked to share the card with all coaches, parents and fans. (MYAS/Youth 1st provided)
  4. After EVERY GAME, the official(s) will vote on the official score sheet for the team or teams that display positive conduct and good sportsmanship. (MYAS/Youth 1st official scoresheets are available)
  5. Teams with exemplary scores for positive conduct and good sportsmanship will receive special recognition through the Youth 1st Team Awards program in the weeks following the tournament. There will be several group recognition opportunities for teams to choose from, followed by press releases, website and social media coverage.



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