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Online Seeding Process



The MYBA Rankings/Tournament Score Index will serve as a resource for coaches to use when seeding the teams within their division.


Seeding Process Explanation

Step 1

  • Teams are initially placed in + and – divisions based on their winning percentage, in the grade and level, they are registered.

Step 2

  • Designated Head Coach or Owner of team account will fill out Grade State Seeding Questionnaire (see below). This form allows the coach to provide a complete team bio that will allow the official seeding process to be conducted.

Step 3

  • Designated Head Coach or Owner of team account, will officially seed their designated sub-divisions (A+, A-, B+, etc) based on information collected from the Grade State Seeding Questionnaire (see below) of each team and their knowledge of the registered teams. 

Step 4

  • Example
    •  24 teams registered in the A+ Division
    •  20 teams registered in A- Division
    • The top 16 teams in the A+ subgroup, based on seeding results, form the Tier 1 Division
    • The bottom 8 teams in the A+ subgroup, and the top 8 teams in A- subgroup, based on seeding results, form the Tier 2 Division.
    • This process is repeated for the remaining subdivisions (B+, B-, C+, C-).
    • This allows all registered teams, in a grade and level to be seeded/ranked (For example: 1-180 in a particular gender and grade.
    • We then form as many 16 team divisions as possible.

Additional Notes:

  • This is very similar to the process that we used when we conducted the in-person seeding meetings in 2020.
  • It is probable that you will have teams in your tier that were not included in the subdivision that you seeded.
  • It is common to have teams that you have lost to seeded below your team.
  • Once the coaches have completed the seeding process, MYAS is not able to make any changes to the divisions.


There will be no in-person seeding meetings for the 2023 MYAS Grade State Championships.

Coaches will be asked to provide their team record and additional information in an online survey format shortly after the entry deadline for their respective tournament. That information will be used to complete the seeding process.

Grade State Reminders:

Check with your association leaders to verify that the MYAS Waiver/Consent Online Form has been completed for your team. This form must be completed no later than the Wednesday prior to your Grade State weekend.

Seeding Timeline (subject to change):

  1. Tuesday after the entry deadline:  Grade State Seeding Questionnaire to be distributed to all teams registered for the 2023 MYAS Grade State Championships. All Head & Assistant Coaches will receive this correspondence.
    1. MYBA Association Leaders will also receive notification urging them to remind their teams to complete the questionnaire.
    2. If you do have access to your complete record or scores of some tournament games, please refer to participating association tournament(s) landing pages to verify game results.
    3. Accurate information is necessary for teams to be seeded as accurately as possible. Please note that tournament results are posted online and accessible to everyone. All coaches are strongly encouraged to seek out accurate data.
    4. It is imperative that the coaches are listed on the team rosters. 
  2. Wednesday after the entry deadline:  Deadline to complete this Grade State Seeding Questionnaire
  3. Friday after the entry deadline:  Grade State Voting Form with complete team information will be distributed to all participating teams
  4. Following Sunday:  Deadline to thoroughly complete and submit Grade State Voting Form
  5. Two weeks after entry deadline:  Locations of divisions posted
  6. Two weeks after entry deadline:  Schedules posted

Grade State Seeding Questionnaire:

  • Please complete Grade State Seeding Questionnaire via link provided when sent to Coach
  • Complete First Name, Last Name, and Email
  • Select your Event (Grade State Weekend)
  • Select your Team from dropdown (Note: To prevent duplicate submission, once a team’s info has been submitted it will disappear from the drop down menu.) 
  • Complete Teams we beat and by how many points. Use proper team names – for example, Fridley G5 Gold
  • Complete Teams we lost to and by how many points. Use proper team names – for example, Farmington G5
  • Provide any additional information about your team. This is your opportunity to provide input on where your team should be seeded and why.
  • Confirm that you are not a robot. 
  • Submit your questionnaire.

Once the Questionnaire is submitted, a submission receipt will be sent to your email inbox. This receipt will include a link to allow for any necessary edits to your questionnaire prior to the deadline.
Once teams complete the seeding questionnaire, teams will be placed into subdivisions titled A+, A-, B+, B-, C+, C-. Teams will be placed into subdivisions based on their winning percentage within the levels of play they competed in throughout the 2022-2023 winter community-based traveling basketball season.  Note: If there are 32 or less team within a division, they will not be split into the + and - subdivisions. This data will be collected from the questionnaire information provided by all teams. The subdivisions will be verified by the MYBA Competition Committee (consisting of members of the MYBA/MYAS Board of Advisors) and MYAS staff. This collection of individuals reserves the right to move teams up and down. Once verified by MYBA Competition Committee, the teams within those subdivisions will then seed their teams based on information provided.  
Grade State Voting Form:

  • Your team has been placed into a subdivision to seed.
  • Please complete Grade State Voting Form via link provided when sent to Coach.
  • Complete your Name and Email address.
  • Based upon information provided by all coaches (via the seeding questionnaire), please seed teams as you see fit.
  • You may key in seeds on the farthest righthand column, labeled “SEED.”
  • In order for your voting form to be successfully submitted, all teams must have a seed number (including YOUR TEAM) and there should be no duplicate seed numbers.

How Teams are Placed into Tiers

  • The goal is to create 16 teams per tier.
  • Formation will begin with the A+ subdivision seeding before moving to the next subdivision.
  • To form Tiers for Grade State, the last ranked/seeded team in the A+ subdivision will be followed by the top seeded team in the A+ subdivision. The last team in the A- subdivision will be followed by the top seed in the B+ subdivision. We will repeat this pattern for the B-, C+ and C- teams.
  • Example
    • There are 100 total teams in the 5th Grade Girls, for example
    • This is how the teams were broken down in their sub-division
      • A+ 10 Teams
      • A- 13 Teams
      • B+ 21 Teams
      • B- 25 Teams
      • C+ 17 Teams
      • C- 14 Teams
    • The teams in each subdivision are seeded by the coaches to create a 1-100 ranking
      • The teams in A+ are ranked 1-10.
      • The teams in A- are ranked 11-23.
      • The teams in B+ are ranked 24-45. And so on.
    • From there, we break the teams into as many 16 team brackets as possible
    • Tier Formation
      • Tier 1
        • Comprised of the 10 teams in A+ and the top 6 seeded teams in A-
      • Tier 2
        • Comprised of the 7 remaining teams in A- and the top 9 teams in B+
      • Tier 3
        • Comprised of the 12 remaining teams in B+ and the top 4 teams in B-
      • And so on.

Tiers will be determined based on seeding results. Locations will be designated and schedules will be active per the event timeline.