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Better Coaches. Safer Kids.

By MYAS Staff, 03/29/24, 2:45PM CDT


Protect Your Spring Program through Trusted Coaches

Step 1

Create Your Season

Step 2

Invite Your Coaches

Step 3

Track and Manage Progress


Adam Klinkhammer

Adam Klinkhammer


Phone: 763-746-1719

Over 700 organizations in 20 states are now using Trusted Coaches.

Current Offerings:

$15 Nationwide Criminal Background Check
$5 Concussion Training
$5 Child Safety Training (ie SafeSport or Mandatory Reporter)
$5 First-Aid Training
$10 InsideOut Coaching


Pick and Choose

Every organization is different.  We offer all training modules/Background Checks individually so you can pick and choose the training to fit your organizational needs.

Smart Certification®

Save Money by customizing your renewal standards.  You control how often you want your coaches to renew their certificates.  Create Your Season, pick the courses and set your Smart Certifications each year.  Invite all coaches and let the system figure out where they need to renew.  The organization only pays for what is being enabled.  No more duplication and no more guesswork while keeping all coaches ‘Current’ according to your organizational polices.

Invite Templates

Once your Season has been created, simply send a pre-built template that includes all the information a coach would need to know to join.  Copy and Paste the template with your own message or use the mass upload tool to send invites from the site.

No Paywalls

When a coach joins the season, they just follow the instructions in the invite and receive the intended training. Every coach is added to an invoice in aggregate.  Organization Admins can view when the coach joined the Season, the training that was enabled on the account and corresponding cost for every coach.

Track and Manage

The connection between a Coach and the Organization account is immediate when joining a Season.  All coaches and their certification progress is accessible from the ‘Coaches’ page.  You can view the Seasons joined, the most recent certification dates with export and filtering tools available.  All the information, in one place, all the time.

Multi-Sport Coaches

Whether it be coaches that are active in multiple sports or even a coach coming in from another community, the certifications follow the coaches.  They can join different Seasons for different sports (even different organizations) and depending on how the Season is created, Coaches will not be required to re-complete the training, and the organization will not pay for it.

This cost effective measure works well for organizations that administer multiple sports.


Add as many Admins as you need to help stay organized.  You can also update your invoice recipient at any time. With the amount of turnover with YSO’s, handing over access to future Admins is done in a click of a mouse.


Sometimes people get busy.  We’ve created a tool that will allow you to identify and communicate with coaches that might need a little “nudge” to complete their training