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Basketball Rule of the Month: Rebounding

By Director & Assistant Director of Officials , 06/01/23, 11:30AM CDT


Rebounding NFHS Rule 4-37

For the month of June, we will be focusing on rebounding. Many things can occur when players are fighting for the rebound. Officials, heightened awareness is in full effect on rebounding plays.


What is rebounding?  NFHS Rule 4-37

Art.1… Rebounding is an attempt by any player to secure possession of the ball following a try or tap for field goal. In a rebounding situation, there is no player or team control.

Art.2… To obtain or maintain legal rebounding position, a player may not:

  1. Displace, charge, or push an opponent.
  1. Extend shoulders, hips, knees, or extend the arms or elbows fully or partially in a position other than vertical so that the freedom of movement of an opponent is hindered when contact with the arms or elbows occurs.
  1. Bend the body in an abnormal position to hold or displace an opponent.
  1. Violate the principle of verticality.

Art.3… Every player is entitled to a spot on the playing court, provided the player gets there first without illegally contacting an opponent.