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Basketball Rule of the Month: Officials Professionalism

By Director of Officials , 06/01/24, 10:00AM CDT


For the summer months, we will be focusing on Officials Professionalism.  Officials, it is important to stay under control throughout the game(s) and have great understand of the rules so when a coach has a question you can give them the best explanation of the rule. Remember to work with the coaches throughout the game. When you see/feel a coach starting to get frustrated take time to talk with them. Give them a ear and then give them an answer as all coaches want is to be heard.    

Officials Professionalism:

Officials please be as professional as possible throughout the game. We need to be basketball ambassadors helping players and coaches learn the game through good officiating. There's really five things officials need to do throughout any game for all to have a better experience. Also when you do these five things correctly you will earn credibility and that's what we should be trying to achieve, credibility. 

Art 1… Dress the part. 

a. Black and white striped shirt. MSHSL shirt. Black under shirt if worn.

b. Black shorts or pants.

c. Black shoes and socks.

Both officials should be dressed alike. 

Art 2… Be a great communicator. Talk with coaches and players when need be but never yell at players or coaches. If a coach or player has a question answer the question without emotion, then get back to work. 

Art 3… Have great rules knowledge. Please get into the rule book as it will help you be a better official and have the confidence to explain your call to the coach or player. 

Art 4… Have solid mechanics. Having solid mechanics will help with the believability of your calls. 

Art 5… Attitude and Effort. Go into each game with the attitude that you want to be there and give quality effort as well. Coach and fans are watching and if you're doing both of these well, they will usually give some grace. Also when you have both of these qualities your games will go better as it will be a better experience for everyone involved. 

As officials we're not given credibility we must earn it every time we take the court. Doing these five things really well, will help in earning that credibility.    

Treat them with professionalism and they will treat you like a professional.