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Rising Stars High School Basketball League Recap

By Jeffrey Schultz, 03/02/23, 11:15AM CST


Rising Stars High School Basketball League Thank You!

Thank you to all those who have made the Inaugural Season of the Rising Stars High School Basketball League very successful, this includes the MYAS Staff, Developmental Coaches, Volunteer Head Coaches, National Sports Center and all the talented players who continue to show their passion and love of the game.  ​

This Inaugural Season saw 26 total teams playing in 10 league games within a Freshmen & Upperclassmen Division.  In addition to the league games, we had our own March Madness in February with our RSHSBL Playoffs, which were as exciting as the real Madness of March with close and intense games being played.  The RSHSBL also awarded 15 Upperclassmen the honor of being recognized as an All-Star, as well as 16 Freshmen who also earned those honors.  ​Check out our Fan Guide here

Players came from all over the Metro Twin-Cities to continue to play a game they love and the pursuit of winning a RSHSBL Championship.  As one coach said "my players are having a blast.  They love playing in this league.  They all thought their High School Basketball days were over.  Thanks for giving them a chance to play again."  We excited for all those High School Players next season who are looking for a chance to continue to play basketball competitively and at a high level.  ​