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MYBA Board of Advisors Mid Season Meeting

Below are notes from the BOA meeting that was held on January 25th. 

  • RegisterPlay

Newness of the platform

Other Event Management platform has a QR code feature to efficiently input game scores (Developer of RegisterPlay has already added this feature since meeting)

The biggest concern stated is pricing.

A member of BOA did present the idea of raising the entry fee $5 to cover the cost for associations that don’t know how to cover the per team fee.

Conducting tournament brackets on excel spreadsheets is not attractive.

Not all associations connected to RegisterPlay for their tournament administration makes it difficult to have data accuracy.

Smoother flow of data and information in the platform

Lack of reporting tools. More steps to be able to print off reports for association tournament directors.

Ability for association leaders to delete teams not being used.

  • MYAS App

Great one stop shop for youth basketball

app needs a “back” button.  If you get into something and just want to go back to the last page you are on, it doesn’t allow that.  

  • Game Results Index (GRI)

Doesn’t factor in out of state teams

You can manually enter those scores

Combined Grades for tourneys is not effective for the index.

Inaccurate data because of other event management tools being used.

  • Items to address beginning in April, 2024

Teams playing down a level at tourneys needs to be addressed

Private School Policy Update

4 games in a day at an invitational tournament is unacceptable. Setting standards is a necessity.

Playing rules being inconsistent

Game Officials starting games early at tournaments

Consistency in Game Fees

Best Practices discussed- Using MSHSL and/or Trusted Officials at invitational tournaments

Encouraged MYAS to work with Assignors and Officials

  • Concussion Instruction
  • Basic Training
  • Background Check
  • MYAS Programs
  • State Tournaments coming soon- Grade State, Greater MN and Rec State
    • Rising Stars Showcase
    • MYAS Gopher State Spring Basketball Series

MYBA Board of Advisors represented:

Scott Spencer- Stewartville, Matt Burkhardt-  Moorhead, Jim Davison- OMGBA, Matt Becker- Apple Valley, Andy Stotts- Edina, Mark Kiecker- Farmington, Matt Ginsky- Owatonna, Kristi Johnson- Zimmerman, Jennifer Phillips- MLK Minneapolis, Eric Blankenship- Andover Boys, Bob Cruz- Westside Boosters, Ellen Thomes- Brainerd, Kevin Wilson- MYAS, Rich Penick- MYAS, Eric Rathke- MYAS, Jeremy Innes- MYAS, Dawson Blanck- MYAS

Enjoy the culmination of the 2023-2024 winter travel youth basketball season! It is so wonderful to see the participation numbers for Grade State, at an all-time high. There are 645 Girls teams who have already gone through the seeding process and we currently have 988 Boys teams registered.  And they say the state of Minnesota, is the State of Hockey?  I am pretty sure that Minnesota is the State of Basketball!



June 27, 2022

November 14, 2021

October 14, 2021

October 7, 2021

  • Best Practices - "Volunteer On-Boarding" 
  • presented by Athletic Partners

October, 2021

  • Recruit & Retain Referees Together
  • presented by Tony Schrepfer (MYAS Director of Officiating), Carolyn Derksen (MYAS Assistant Director) and Patrick Rock (MYAS Coordinator of Basketball Officiating Development)
  • Recording of the meeting can be viewed here. Use Access Passcode: &8nqrRK& 

October, 2021

  • Best Practices-"Building A Successful Sponsorship Program" 
  • presented by Athletic Partners
  • Presentation

September 30, 2021

  • Culturally Competent Learning & Social Leadership
  • presented by Coach Rob Motivations

September 9, 2021

  • Trusted Coaches Tutorial: Benefits of new platform
  • Any questions about the Trusted Coaches platform can be directed to Adam Klinkhammer:
  • or 763-746-1719

September 1, 2021