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The MYAS is encouraging all MYBA members to utilize the Tourney Machine platform to produce the tournament brackets for their tournament.

Why use Tourney Machine for my tournament?

  • It’s affordable! MYBA members receive a discounted fee of only $2 per team – saving your association precious funding.
  • It’s easy! Tourney Machine puts you in control of your tournament and takes the hassles out of scheduling. Drag and drop features, along with built in logic, makes creating a schedule for your tournament a snap. And the free app lets parents and coaches easily view results. It also makes entering scores for tournament directors possible from anywhere. No more need for a centralized computer and wifi connection – use your phone to update games as soon as they are finished!
  • Easier team identification means no surprises or mystery with what team has registered for your tournament.

What are the Benefits?

  • $2 per team for MYBA members
    • Non-MYBA members pay $4-$6 per team
    • Want the subject matter experts to schedule your tournament? For an additional $2 per team, let MYAS work their magic!
  • Access to the Tourney Machine App for your tournament
  • "Magic Button" to schedule your tournament for you
    • Based on the criteria that you submit
    • Ability to make changes
  • Conflict Checker
    • Avoid scheduling two games on the same court at the same time
    • Avoid scheduling a team to play two games at the same time
  • Improved Team Identification

How to Get Access

  • A Bracketing Platform for the MYBA
  • For the upcoming 2022-23 winter basketball season:
    • MYBA member associations can create and use their own TM account.
    • Easily set up online registration in that account
  • If the association follows the MYBA Team Identification method for naming teams, they will get the reduced $2 per team rate
    • To activate this, the tournament director will need to notify jeremy@myas.org.
    • Confirmation will be made if teams listed in your tournament have the proper naming structure
    • A notification will be made to TM to reduce the rate to $2.00 per team
    • Associations will be responsible for credit card processing fees for online registration, in addition to the $2 per team usage fee.

Scheduling Package Options

Package 1- Build Your Own Game Schedule

  • MYBA price- $2 per team  (typically $4-$6 per team)
    • Payable to Tourney Machine
  • Ability to schedule your own tournaments
  • Access to Tourney Machine bracketing platform
  • Ability to print score sheets and gym matrix
  • Ability to update scores online
  • Access to pre-built brackets
  • Access to Tourney Machine App so your participants can easily find schedule information
  • Access to Help Guides
  • Support from MYAS staff
  • Support from Tourney Machine Staff

Package 2- MYAS Comprehensive Scheduling Service- Let our organization do the work for yours.

  • $5 per team (additional)
    • Payable to MYAS
  • MYAS staff will schedule your tournament for you 
  • Access to Tourney Machine bracketing platform
  • Ability to print score sheets and gym matrix
  • Ability to update scores online
  • "Re-schedules" included in the fee
  • Access to Tourney Machine App so your participants can easily find schedule information


East Ridge Boys Tournament Director, Lisa Jones "Thank you MYAS for your support and recommendation to use Tourney Machine.  I was able to finish our Boys brackets (182 teams, 293 games, 5 sites, 14 courts) in less than a day with no issues.  Having all the teams available to import made building the divisions quick and easy.  The drag and drop scheduling feature was so simple to use and error proof, I loved how it instantly notified you if you had a scheduling conflict and how it color coded each division.  I'm way ahead of planning for our tournament because of how easy it was to build our brackets by myself. I highly recommend using Tourney Machine, it's user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use.

OMGBA Girls Tournament Director, Deb Anderson "OMGBA recognizes and appreciates the support of MYAS every year, but especially this year.  Planning the OMGBA Girls Tournament while navigating the new and changing COVID-19 guidelines has been a challenge.  I feel fortunate to have the support and resources of MYAS to assist in planning a safe and successful tournament.  This is also the perfect year to switch to Tourney Machine.  There is much more movement in the schedule than we have seen in prior years and providing the Tournament Directors the ability to modify things easily is key.  As expected with learning a new tool, I had questions along the way, but Jeremy and the Tourney Machine staff were quick to reply and provide support.  Thank you, MYAS!"

Chaska Boys Tournament Director, Becca Richardson "The new platform that MYAS has provided was easy to use and provided many options to schedule our tournament with the modifications we wanted due to COVID19. The Tourney Machine chat support was amazing in answering any of my questions and helping me through the process of scheduling. Our tournament hasn't taken place yet, so we haven't used the scoring function yet, but I really like that all of the scores and team records will be stored in a central place which will eliminate the need for a seeding meeting at the end of the year. "

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