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What is the purpose of the MYBA Tournament Results Index?

  • It’s an added service for MYBA member associations, serving as a one-stop shop of season data/results.
  • Association tournament directors should utilize the collection of results to create competitive matchups within their tournament(s).
  • Coaches can view opponents’ results prior to an upcoming tournament.
  • A supplement for the Grade State Championships online seeding process.

How are the MYBA Tournament Results Index organized?

  • Teams are separated by gender and grade .
  • Teams are listed alphabetically.
  • When you click on a team name, you will gain full access to the captured season results from MYBA tournaments.

What else should I know about the MYBA Tournament Results Index?

  • MYBA Tournament Results Index will automatically include results from MYBA member association tournaments that utilize the MYBA Tourney Machine ecosystem. 
  • Teams that participated in tournaments that use the MYBA Tourney Machine ecosystem will not need to report results for the rankings. 
  • This is an added service for MYBA members associations that committed to the MYBA Tourney Machine ecosystem and intended to save time and increase the accuracy of this index.
  • This enhanced connection to MYBA member association tournaments and the MYBA Tournament Results Index will allow the MYAS to eliminate in-person Grade State seeding meetings for the second consecutive year! 
  • See below for information on submitting tournament results if your organization is not using the MYAS Tourney Machine ecosystem.

We strongly encourage any MYBA member association travel basketball tournament that is scheduled in January and February of 2022 to utilize the MYBA Tourney Machine ecosystem. This allows your participating teams to easily connect to the MYBA Tournament Results Index. Please contact jeremy@myas.org.

If I am a tournament director of an MYBA member association, and our tournament results are not listed, what do I do?

  • The MYBA Tournament Results Index is based on MYBA Tourney Machine tournaments and tournament results submitted by non-MYBA association tournament directors  that utilize Tourney Machine. 

Tournament Directors: Please email your tournament results to abe@myas.org or ac@myas.org if they are not listed as received here https://myas.org/mn-youth-basketball-alliance/myba-basketball-rankings/ using the format found at the bottom of this  PAGE.

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