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The MYBA/MYAS Basketball Board of Advisors and the MYBA Compliance and Eligibility Task Force has already been preparing for the 2022-2023 season. In May, 2022, the Task Force proposed a change to the MYBA Team Composition Guidelines and the Board of Advisors unanimously adopted it in June, 2022. This post serves as the official notification of a significant change pertaining to the MYBA Team Composition Guidelines. The MYBA/MYAS Board of Advisors felt it was important to get this change to each MYBA association now, in order to prepare for the upcoming season accordingly.

Revised MYBA Team Composition Guidelines :

  • Summary
    • Determines school attendance as the primary factor when determining which association an athlete is eligible to participate in.
    • Removes the residency component of the MYBA Team Composition Guidelines in most cases
      • Exceptions are made for players that attend private schools and home/online school
      • Clarifies the documentation that is accepted to prove residency in the limited cases that the residency component is accepted
    • Clarifies situations involving school districts that have multiple high schools within a single district
    • The changes would be in effect for the upcoming 2022-23 winter travel season
      • There is not a “grandfather” clause
  • The revised guidelines were created and proposed by the eight member MYBA Compliance and Eligibility Task Force
    • A subcommittee of the MYBA/MYAS Basketball Board of Advisors
      • The MYBA Compliance and Eligibility Task Force proposed changes to the Team Composition Guidelines for the following reasons:
        • Verifying the residency of participating players in the previous team composition guidelines, had become arduous and challenging
        • The school that a player attends is a more efficient and effective way to prove/verify/confirm eligibility
        • It is the shared responsibility of all MYBA member associations to uphold the community based component of the winter basketball season
          • If team composition guidelines are not enforceable, it threatens/weakens community based youth traveling basketball in the state of Minnesota.
    • The proposal of the new guidelines were presented to the 21 members of the MYAS/MYBA Basketball Board of Advisors
  • All 21 members of the MYBA/MYAS Board of Advisors submitted a vote to approve/oppose the new guidelines
    • By a unanimous vote, the Revised MYBA Team Composition Guidelines was APPROVED
      • 21 votes to approve (MYAS team members did not have voting rights)
      • 0 votes to oppose
    • Members of the MYBA/MYAS Basketball Board of Advisors represent the following associations
      • Apple Valley
      • Blaine
      • Bloomington Jefferson
      • Brainerd
      • Cambridge-Isanti
      • Champlin Park
      • Farmington
      • Mahtomedi
      • Minneapolis
      • New Prague
      • Osseo-Maple Grove
      • Owatonna
      • Park Center
      • Shakopee
      • St Cloud
      • St Paul
      • St Michael-Albertville
      • Stewartville
      • Waconia
      • Wayzata
      • Zimmerman
  • It is each MYBA member association’s responsibility to ensure that rostered players participating on teams assembled by their association, are eligible to do so, under the revised player eligibility guidelines.
  • Click here to view the New MYBA Team Composition Guidelines
  • Note: It is recommended that each association add a question to their player registration-  “What school does your child attend?”


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Thank you for your time and dedication to community-based youth basketball!

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