Wrestler State College Notes
Patrick Heim Minnesota   Youth
Axel Rogotzke Minnesota   Youth
Martez Sheard Wisconsin   6-Time MWT Hall of Fame
Braylon Peters Iowa   Youth
Joshua Ringler Iowa   High School
Calder Sheehan Minnesota   3-Time MN HS State Qualifier (3rd-DNP-5th)
Tyson Charmoli Minnesota Committed to University of Wyoming (2024) 2023 MN HS State Champions (138); 3-Time MN HS State Qualifier (DNP-2nd-1st)
Ryder Rogotzke Minnesota Ohio State 2022 MN HS State Champion (182); 2022 Super 32 Champion; Six-Time MN HS State Qualifier (3rd-DNP-3rd-3rd-1st-2nd)
Jared Thiry Iowa South Dakota State 2022 IA HS State Champion (220); 4-Time IA HS State Qualifier (DNP-5th-1st-2nd)
Roberto Hernandez Minnesota Schreiner University  
Landen Parent Minnesota Minnesota State University 2021 MN HS State Qualifier
Conlan Carlson Minnesota   4-Time MN HS State Qualifier (DNP-5th-2nd-3rd)