In an effort to standardize the process of seeding individual wrestlers, for the 2023-24 Tour the decision has been made to use TrackWrestling Wrestler Rankings to seed each bracket.

Event officials reserve the right to adjust and modify the seeds in an effort to avoid wrestlers from the same club meeting in the first round or in the case of registration from the wrong Trackwrestling profile.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Make sure to register your wrestler with the correct TrackWrestling profile!

Duplicate Profiles

How to Merge Trackwrestling Profiles

If there are multiple profiles for the same athlete, you can request to merge them (Video):

  1. Click here for the Merge Request Form.
  2. Enter the Trackwrestling profile numbers and other information (make sure to enter the number you want to keep in the first box and the other numbers to be merged in the second box.  These need to be separated by commas.)
  3. Click Submit Request.
  4. Your request will be reviewed and processed within 24 hrs.