FAQ's - Continuous Batting/Free Substitution

  1. How are lineups set? Coaches will set their batting lineup prior to each game. The lineup must include all players that will be participating in that contest. You must always have at least 9 players in your batting order to begin a game.
  2. Can your batting order change? In a continuous batting order, you may not change the order that your players bat once it is set prior to the game.
  3. What if I have a player that will be showing up late? It is possible to place a player showing up late at the end of your lineup in the hopes that batting position is not called prior to their arrival. This is at the coach’s risk. If that player cannot be at the plate when their turn in the order is called, that player will be called Out by the umpire.
  4. I have a player that has to leave the game early. Is their spot in the lineup an Out after they leave? If your lineup remains at 9 players or more after the player has left their spot in the lineup, that batting position will not be called an Out. However, if you have a batting order of 9 players and the now absent player drops your lineup to 8 players, that vacant spot in the lineup would be called an Out each time it is due up.
  5. If I have a player that leaves the game due to injury does their spot in the lineup become an Out? Just as with a player leaving early (Question 4), the now vacant position in your lineup will not be called an Out as long as your batting order remains at 9 players or more. Players being removed from the game due to injury or any other reason may not reenter for the remainder of the game.
  6. What happens If my team has 9 players present and a player gets hurt or ejected? The vacant spot in the lineup will be called an Out each turn through the order for the remainder of the game. You can finish a game with 8 players, but if your lineup drops below 8 players the game is forfeited.
  7. What if I have a player that bats out of order? Reference Rule 7 (page 42 in 2016 NFHS Baseball Rules Book) for situations and rules regarding players batting out of order.
  8. Can I move players field positions each inning? Players may change positions as often as the coach wishes (excluding the pitching position).
  9. Can players freely substitute in the pitching position? In most MYAS administered baseball leagues/events (see GSBL rules for any alterations), only the starting pitcher may re-enter the pitching position, and only once.
  10. Who can I use for a Courtesy Runner? There may be different rules on Courtesy Runners depending on the league or tournament you are participating in. Be aware of the rules you are playing by in each event prior to the start of your first game.
  11. What happens if my team does not play all of our games? If a team does not play all of their games, any un-played games will be scored as a loss for both teams with regards to playoff seeding. All games must be played by June 30th to be counted towards playoff seeding, but teams are encouraged to get all games played, if possible, even beyond the June 30th date. 

Note: This document is not intended to cover all situations concerning Continuous Batting and Free Substitution. The MYAS baseball staff may be adding additional items to this FAQ as situations arise during the season.