Getting a spring basketball team together to play in MYAS Gopher State Spring Basketball Tournaments may be easier than you think. The steps listed below will walk you through the process.

1. Get a commitment from the players.

2. Determine the tournaments that you want to participate in. View the tournament calendar above. To determine which division to sign up for click on Grade/Age Divisions above.

3. Calculate your expenses (Tournament Entry Fees, Uniforms, Practice Time/Court Rental, First-Aid Kit)

4. Membership Fees/Insurance - MYAS no longer pays for or has any membership fees to participate. Teams that need insurance coverage can purchase a USAB Team membership ($25). This USAB Team Membership will allow you to purchase medical/accident insurance for your players, please click here to view more information on USAB Team Insurance. Your team insurance will also come with a Liability Certificate. Your practice facility may want a copy of that certificate when you reserve court time.

5. Collect the fees from the parents.

6. Register for tournaments. Be sure to register on time. Please note that the MYAS Gopher State Spring Tournament entry deadlines are typically two weeks prior to the tournament. Each tournament weekend has its own entry deadline. You can register for all your tournaments at once or you can register for one tournament at a time. If you register for multiple tournaments at once, you may qualify for a price break via our Volume Discount.  View Entry Fees above to see our volume discount. As long as you register on or before the entry deadline, you will have a spot in the tournament.

7. Get your game schedule. We will post the tournament game schedules on our website 9-10 days prior to the tournament. Please note that the schedules are subject to change.

8. Tournament Check-in.  Information for tournament check-in will be available on the schedule page once schedules are released. 

9. Good Sportsmanship. This is a requirement, not a request. The coach sets the tone for how everyone behaves. Please set a good example. As a coach, we expect you to monitor the behavior of your players and parents.

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