What do I need to do to get my team signed up?
There are two options to register for tournaments. You can choose to register online, pay with a credit card, or send in the hard copy entry form with a check. That is all we need to get your team signed up for a tournament. The other documentation can be brought to team check-in at your first tournament.

What is needed at team check-in?
Click here to view the items needed at team check-in

How do I find a team to play on?
The MYAS does not form teams or place kids on teams. However, we can get you in contact with teams/clubs who will be putting teams together. We recommend contacting your local association first. Click here to view association/club contact info. Or, you can form your own team.

Are there different levels of play?
Yes. There are Division 1/Elite, Division 2/A, Division 3/B  and Division 4/C/Rec. It is the responsibility of the coaches to classify their team(s) correctly. The MYAS reserves the right to move teams up or down. More info, click here.

Where are games played?
The MYAS has several locations around the metro area for the spring/summer basketball tournaments. Teams cannot sign up for a specific location. We will try to keep teams as close to home as possible. 

How does the Volume Discount work?
Click here to view details

When can I get my schedule?
Schedules are posted online 9-10 days prior to each tournament.

Will the schedules change?
Possibly. It is the coaches/teams responsibility to make sure they have the current schedule. Please check the website often.

Can I coach two teams?
It is recommended that coaches coach only one team. If you plan on coaching multiple teams the MYAS does not guarantee that they will be placed at the same playing site or that the schedules will allow a coach to coach both teams. You are welcome to list the request on the entry form but it is not guaranteed that we will be able to accommodate.

Can a player play on two teams?
Athletes may participate on two teams on the same weekend as long as the teams are not in the same bracket/pool. Those teams must be comprised as follows:
A. One team must be school/community based and the other must be an open team. An “open team” is defined as being comprised of players from multiple communities.
B. Players may play on two different teams within the same club or school/community based program.

Game results will be posted online shortly after each event.

Are there additional fees required to participate in any of the spring/summer basketball tournaments?

Host groups will determine whether or not they will host a concessions stand.

Admissions will be collected by the host site. $10 per adult and $5 per student and senior citizen will be collected. Children 5 and under are free. 3 coaches will be admitted per team for free. 

Each site will have a certified trainer on-site.

Are jerseys provided?
No. Teams must provide their own jerseys/uniforms.

Who can I contact with more questions?

  • basketball@myas.org - 763-781-2220