Roster Size
For each event, team rosters are limited to 12 players and 3 coaches. 

Team Roster
Complete the official MYAS Online Roster through RegisterPlay. 



Follow the steps below to add a roster to your team. 

1. Log-in to RegisterPlay

2. Go to your 'Dashboard' and click on 'My Teams'

Option 1: 

1. Under 'My Teams' click on the team you'd like to create a roster for. 

2. Click on the 'Roster' Tab and 'Edit Roster'

3. Click on the Green 'Invite Players' button. 

4. You can either search existing players (many MN players are in the system from the winter season) or you can click on the Invite Player tab and enter the players email information. 

Option 2: 

1. Once on the 'My Teams' page, click on the light blue button 'Roster Psw'

2. Copy and paste information in the box and email to the parents/guardians. 

RegisterPlay Help Videos