Minnesota Youth Athletics Services

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Disciplinary Procedure

The severity of the unsportsmanlike act will determine the severity of the resulting disciplinary action.  Any MYAS representative has the authority to use their best judgment to administer appropriate disciplinary action to any player, coach, official, host or spectator.  Possible disciplinary actions may include but are not limited to censure, disqualification, suspension for a definite or indefinite period of time, or expulsion from any or all MYAS sponsored programs.  Behave or be gone!

On-Site Disciplinary Actions:

Any disciplinary action administered on site shall be subject to immediate review by the MYAS Event Protest Committee (EPC).  The EPC is composed of one representative from the host organization, one representative of the officials’ organization assigned to the event and one representative from the MYAS.  This committee will conduct an on-site hearing to determine if the disciplinary action is appropriate.  All decisions of the EPC are in effect for the remainder of that specific event.  The committee does not have the authority to issue any disciplinary action that shall exceed the length of that specific event.  (Exception:  If the disciplinary action occurred during the offending party’s last game of the event, it will carry over to the next MYAS event.)  Any decision by the EPC may be appealed to the MYAS Review Committee at the earliest possible date.

Off-Site Disciplinary Actions:

The MYAS reserves the right to issue additional disciplinary action depending upon the frequency and severity of the offense.  Additional disciplinary action may be taken after the completion of a formal hearing by the MYAS Review Committee.  All actions of the MYAS Review Committee are final.

Organization Actions for Suspensions:

The MYAS recognizes and upholds suspensions issued by bona fide youth sport organizations.  The MYAS will not knowingly allow those suspended persons to participate in any MYAS League, Tournament or Special Event, until that suspension has been lifted or expired. The MYAS reserves the right to disallow persons to participate in MYAS events at the discretion of the MYAS.


Youth Sports Done Right