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GSTC Qualification


Winning a berth does not guarantee a spot in the GSTC. In most cases, the first 32 teams to register will be selected. 

Spots are only secured once a team submits their official tournament registration before the registration deadline.

The following requirements must be met in order for an age level to be expanded to 40 teams; 

  1.  host group is able to commit the additional time and resources
  2.  four or more teams that earned berths (did not register prior to tournament field filling to capacity at 32 teams) are still seeking the opportunity to participate.
  3.  four or more teams register for "at large" berths at the age level

Automatic Berth

Teams can win an automatic berth by placing 1st or 2nd in a GSTC Qualifier.

  • If 6 or more teams are participating two berths are awarded(bids do not fall past 2nd place)
  • If less than 6 teams are participating only one berth is awarded(bids do not fall past 2nd place)

In most cases, the first 32 teams to register will be selected.

Note: If a team is "playing up" for a qualifier, either at an older age level or higher division, and earns a berth, they are only eligible to participate in the GSTC at the age and level to which they qualified. This does not apply to berths that are passed down. 

At-Large Berth

Once all automatic berths are registered, the remaining spots will be invited based on pre-registration and participation in GSTC Qualifiers.

There is no cost to Pre-Register for an At-Large Berth.