Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


Host a Gopher State 3v3 League in Your Community!

Why host a 3v3 league in your community?

1. Raise money for your community program! 

2. Provide basketball opportunities to the youth in your community!

3. Grow the love of basketball in a fun atmosphere that encourages player development!

4. Partner with MYAS, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving and enhancing youth sports program and services. MYAS is Minnesota's largest multi-sport organization!



Steps to bringing a 3v3 league to your community!

1. Contact Ashlie Anzel , ashlie@myas.org, to express your interest in hosting a 3v3 league. 

2. Secure gym space in your community on Sunday evenings. 

3. Fill out the Gopher State 3v3 host application. 

4. Host organization and MYAS market the league to your community and neighboring communities. The more teams that participate the more your program earns!

5. Sit back and let MYAS handle registration, organization, and administration of the league!

Youth Sports Done Right