Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


Fall Baseball- Roster Instructions

General Information:

  • Each participating team must have a complete online roster.
  • Team rosters are located online within the registrant's online portal.
  • Only users who created the registration or have been given Shared Ownership rights have access to the team.
    • How to give a user access/Shared Ownership of a team:
      • Login to your online account
      • Find the appropriate team and click on Manage Owners
      • Submit the email address that the user has attached to their user account
        • Please note that there must be an account already created for the user that you want to grant access to. 
  • Team rosters must be completed before teams can participate in the event.
  • The following information is required when completing the team roster:
    • First and Last Name
    • Date of Birth (not required for coaches)
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Mailing Address
    • Jersey Number (not required for coaches)

Online Waiver and Code of Conduct:

  • This electronic waiver/code of conduct is required prior to any youth athlete’s participation in a Minnesota Youth Athletic Services administered tournament, league or event.
  • This can be tracked on the online roster.
  • The roster is not complete unless all players and coaches have agreed to the online waiver. 
  • If a player or coach has agreed to the online waiver, it will say "Compliant" next to their name on the online roster.
  • If a player or coach has not agreed to the online waiver, it will say "Expired" next to their name on the online roster.
  • Users with access to the team/roster can send an email through the portal by clicking on the mail icon listed next to a player or coach that has not agreed to the waiver.
  • The MYAS waiver system is based on email address.
  • When agreeing to the waiver, please make sure that the email submitted matches the email address that is attached to the applicable player on the MYAS Online Roster.
  • If the person agreeing to the waiver is unsure what email address is attached to the player on the roster, it is permissible to submit the waiver multiple times with different email addresses.
  • Click here to view the online waiver.

Adding players and coaches to a team through the online portal:

  • Login to your account.
    • Go to www.myas.org and click on Login.
    • Submit your login info.
  • Click on the team name.
  • Click on the roster button located to the right of the team name.
  • Two options:
    • Add Person to Roster
      • This will allow you to enter the roster information manually for each player and coach.
    • Import Roster
      • Users can download the CSV template and import an entire roster.
      • All fields need to be completed (except Address 2)
        • If it is requiring a Birth Date for a coach, you are welcome to enter a birth date for them.
        • If it is requiring a jersey number for a coach, you can create a jersey number for them.
        • Note: It will not import if information is missing on the CSV file.
      • Users who have a roster attached to their user account can export their roster and email it to a user that has access to the online portal, who may then import that file to the team that is in the online portal. 
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