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Reschedule Procedures

Game Re-Scheduling/Cancellation System and Procedures


The GSBL/MYAS Baseball Office will never cancel any league games. It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM COACH.  The key to this procedure is COMMUNICATION with all parties involved.

  1. In the event that a field is unplayable due to weather, the HOME TEAM COACH must do the following:

  2. Notify the other coach AND your Umpire Assignor about the weather cancellation, in addition to reporting the cancellation to MYAS Baseball Staff (Adam Cook - ac@myas.org OR Eric Rathke eric@myas.org). Your Travel Director should have information relative to your Umpire Assignor. Assignor contact info is also available on our Umpire Information page in Coaches Corner.

  3. Following reporting of the cancellation, submit rescheduled game info through the MYAS Portal's Advanced functions for your team. All games that are reported to the GSBL/MYAS headquarters will be posted on the MYAS website (www.myas.org) and the Rainout Line (see backside for details) by 3:15pm. Otherwise the coaches will be responsible for making sure everyone is aware of the cancelation. 

  4. *Reschedule a game online in the MYAS Portal by clicking on the widget next to your team registration, click on “Advanced” and then the “Reschedule Game” button. All steps of the weather-related rescheduling procedure must be completed within 96 hours of a cancelled game to ensure your game will not be forfeited. If you reschedule a game and it is not reflected on your schedule online at www.myas.org within two business days of submission, your request was not accepted. Rescheduling a game online does not ensure that the game will be rescheduled.

  5. Any game changes or cancellations will be listed on the MYAS web page at www.myas.org in the Gopher State Baseball League portion by 4:00pm (assuming they were reported by 3:15pm).  If they are not reported by that time, all parties involved should assume that the game is on at scheduled.

  6. If the MYAS does not hear from a coach or if the coach does not report the cancellation, it will be assumed that the game is on as scheduled. It is then up to the umpire to decide if the field conditions are playable. Do not assume that just because it is raining in your home community that it is raining in your opponent’s community (Note: A $50.00 fine will be assessed if a cancellation is not communicated to all parties involved which includes the opposing team, umpire assignor and league office).

  7. Games started but suspended due to weather conditions are official after 3-1/2 or 4 innings (9U-12U), 4-1/2 or 5 (13U-19U). Unofficial/suspended games will be made up from the exact point of interruption. When both coaches agree on a specific date for the completion of the game, please notify the GSBL using the “Reschedule Game” button online in your MYAS Portal and contact your designated umpire association about the change in the schedule. Be precise as to what game your are trying to finish because the assignor will try to send  the same umpire to finish the game whenever possible.

  8. When your game is rained out, it will appear on your schedule at www.myas.org with the rainout symbol (shown below). Once your game is rescheduled, your new game information will show on your schedule with the reschedule symbol.

  9. All weather reschedules must be rescheduled online using the “Reschedule Game” button or the league will not recognize it as a league game. Please be sure to follow all steps of the rescheduling procedure in order for your weather related game to be rescheduled. Calling just your umpire assignor to notify him of a weather related rescheduled game will not reschedule your game.


After you report your game cancelation to MYAS, updates will be provided by the following:

MYAS.org-  Go to www.myas.org in the Gopher State Baseball League portion of the website.

Phone Line - Just call (763) 400-8641 and follow the extension needed for your game.

Free Mobile App - Download the Rainout Line app for free from the App Store or Android Market on your phone or tablet. Once download, just search for MYAS or Gopher State and make it a favorite.

Email - Go to www.rainoutline.com and create your free login. You will than be able to search for MYAS and add your email to the email alert list for real time alerts.

Text Message - Go to www.rainoutline.com and create your free login. You will than be able to search for MYAS and add your phone number to the text message alert list,





Gopher State Baseball League

Non-Weather Related Rescheduling Procedure


If a scheduled league game is cancelled after...

April 13 for 9u-14u

May 2 for 15u

May 27 for 16u-19u

for a non-weather related reason, you must do the following:

  1. Submit a $25.00 non-weather related rescheduling fee to the GSBL office prior to 24 hours of the originally scheduled game.
  2. If submitting a non-weather related rescheduling fee less than 24 hours prior to the start of the scheduled game, the fee is $50.
  3. Forfeits will have a $50 fine and will not be rescheduled.
  4. Reschedule the game online using the tab located in your MYAS Portal. Your game will then be rescheduled if umpires are available on your game date and we received the rescheduling fee.

Note: Following these steps will allow you to reschedule a non-weather related game.

This procedure eliminates any unnecessary or last minute changes and “headaches” for the umpire assignors and the League Commissioner.



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