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Coach/Player Clinics for Pitching Instruction


Learn from the experts on the fundamentals of throwing/pitching as you begin your spring/summer season!


Saturday, May 15th @ Fridley High School



$20.00 per coach

$10.00 per player

Baseball Associations sending 4 or more coaches (please email baseball@myas.org to register)-  $15.00 per coach

Baseball associations sending 4 or more coaches (please email baseball@myas.org to register)- $20.00 per coach/player combination



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COVID Safety Protocols will apply

The MYAS is excited to bring back for 2020 our Baseball Coaching Clinics for Pitching Instruction. With the importance on arm care and the focus on pitching, our goal is to educate coaches so they feel prepared for this upcoming season. These two-hour clinics are lead by professionals in the field to help coaches understand what to look for in their player's arm safety and to help teach better pitching mechanics for games and drills for practice. 

The instructors for the clinics will be lead by: 

Erika Sandell-Savor, Physical Therapist for M Health Fairview and Coordinator of the Thrower's Program. 

Erik Lovdahl, Owner and Operator of Lovdahl Pitching Academy, Director of the Minnesota Twins Youth Training Camps, and Bating Practice Pitcher for the Minnesota Twins.

These clinics will cover such topics as:

  • Proper and Improper Throwing Technique
  • Drills to correct deficits
  • Dynamic warm-ups
  • Arm care strategies
  • Injury prevention exercises
  • Warning signs
  • Long toss program
  • Drills for practice
  • Partner Pitching
  • Bullpen routine
  • Partner Pickoffs
  • Conditioning Drills
  • Managing your pitching staff

Due to gym space, registration for these clinics will be limited so sign up early to secure your spot.

Testimonials about this Clinic

"The coaches pitching clinic was a great opportunity to hear from a few of the games leaders.  The team from the Institute for Athletic Medicine, specialist on injury prevention and rehabilitation and Erik of Lovdahl Pitching. These individuals provided valuable training and awareness for coaches on player mechanics & development to ensure a lifetime in baseball. I am convinced these folks could talk baseball for days and their insight is a must have for any coaches play-book and practice plan. Thanks MYAS for putting this together!" - Charlie Leaseburg, Plymouth Wayzata Baseball Coach

"The clinic was extremely informative.  The medical staff was great at answering questions and showing drills.   Coach Lovdahl was very good at explaining some of the drills he utilizes in teaching pitchers.  Overall, very well worth the time." - Jayson Pautzke, Mora Baseball President

"Thanks to MYAS for putting on a fantastic Pitching Clinic for the coaches in our association. The clinic was a fantastic way to educate our coaches as to the proper mechanics for pitching and throwing to avoid arm injury, as well as an interactive approach to learning pitching and throwing drills. Our coaches were very impressed with the way Erika broke down the throwing mechanics step by step, explaining the proper and improper techniques at each step, to help avoid arm injury, as well as help get the most out of each player by properly utilizing the entire body, from legs to core to arm. Erik was also excellent in providing to our coaches many drills and techniques to use at practices, and also for the kids to do at home. His interactive style allowed our coaches to ask specific questions, and helped us understand some new ways to introduce proper throwing form to our practices. Overall, this clinic was just what we had hoped, a great chance for our coaches to gain more knowledge in the proper way to throw, to make sure that our association is teaching the proper throwing mechanics at all levels. We will definitely be sending our coaches to this clinic again!" - Jason Herzog, Elk River Baseball Travel Director

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