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The Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, Inc. (MYAS;  has been a cornerstone of youth sports development in Minnesota since its establishment in 1991. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, MYAS is dedicated to improving and enhancing youth sports programs and services across the state. With a comprehensive range of offerings, including leagues, tournaments, events, training and development programs, and educational resources, MYAS caters to the needs of youth athletes, coaches, parents, officials, and parent-volunteer athletic associations.

As Minnesota's largest multi-sport organization, MYAS serves as a central hub for youth sports activities, connecting over 150,000 young athletes annually. Through its extensive network of youth associations, schools, coaches, and parents, MYAS facilitates communication and collaboration within the youth sports community. The organization provides valuable resources such as the MYAS Monthly Youth Sports Connection Newsletter, a user-friendly website and event management platform, and active social media channels, offering a wealth of information and updates to thousands of teams.

Safety and education are paramount priorities for MYAS. The organization serves as a primary educational and safety resource, offering training camps, coaching certification programs, officials' training, background checks for coaches, insurance recommendations, and practical education for parent volunteers involved in youth sports administration. By prioritizing safety, positive experiences, and skill development, MYAS is committed to ensuring that today's youth athletes have access to a supportive and enriching sports environment.

In essence, MYAS stands as a beacon of excellence in youth sports, dedicated to fostering the growth, development, and well-being of young athletes across Minnesota.

Other services:,, and Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance.


Thank you for your time, dedication, and loyal service to MYAS and its mission. 

Albert Nuness- MYAS Board of Directors (1991-2021)

Alex Rowell-  MYAS Board of Directors (1994-2021)