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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services

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Purpose: To prevent top wrestlers from meeting in the early rounds.

Please Note: We realize this process is not perfect, but perfection is impossible in any seeding process.  However, we feel that our process is an important aspect in the creation of a competitive event and has proved very accurate over the years. The names/seeds of the seeded wrestlers will not be made public.

Placement of Top 4-8 Wrestlers on Bracket: The top wrestlers may or may not be placed in the appropriate place on the bracket, meaning the wrestler determined as the #1 seed may or may not be placed on top of the bracket where the #1 seed is typically placed. We will place the top seeds in positions on the bracket where they will not meet up until the later rounds (if they are all able to advance to that point).

Tools Used to Identify the Top 4-8 Wrestlers

  • Past Tournament Results
  • Information/Credentials Provided on Entry Form
  • Internet - The panel will also use the internet to find how wrestlers have placed at other tournaments.
  • Track Wrestling Ranking/Results
  • Panel - This panel will be comprised of coaches and club directors. This panel has already been determined. We are currently not looking for anymore people to serve on this panel.

While each of these tools will never be perfect, we take into consideration any and all information available to determine appropriate seeding.

Youth Sports Done Right