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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services

Youth Sports Done Right

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and enhance the culture of basketball in Minnesota with the objective of teaching basketball players, both male and female in grades 3-8 the fundamentals necessary to become well-rounded both on and off the court.

Our Philosophy

The Rising Stars Basketball Academy was founded to provide youth basketball players, parent volunteer basketball associations and their families a place to develop crucial life skills such as; teamwork, leadership, learning to cope with both failure and success, and learning to compete in a positive and productive manner. In addition to these core goals, players, associations, coaches and parents will have an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge which will help improve the youth basketball experience as a whole while creating synergy between the youth and high school basketball programs the community feeds into as they get older.

Coaching Development

The Rising Stars Basketball Academy is committed to providing quality coaching, while instilling the love of the game into our players.  Our coaches will be screened, educated and certified through the Trusted Coaches’ risk management platform and are required to pass a national criminal background check, go through concussion and child abuse awareness training, and coach character development training as well. 

At all levels, coaches will have access to high quality coaching resources in order to provide a scaffolded teaching approach that will create consistency in learning from year to year as players move through the academy.  This is not to say that there is only one approach to teaching basketball, but we do believe having one sound approach allows players to progress year after year. Our goal is to provide players with the best basketball learning experience possible to keep them coming back year after year.

Player Development

At the Rising Stars Basketball Academy we maximize our time with each participant and minimize the opportunity for stagnant, stand around time during training sessions and practices. Our progressive basketball curriculum will challenge each athlete's mental and physical capacities by combining high-level performance training based on sports science of functional movement with fundamental basketball drills and exercises.


Team Development

Winning games is not our primary objective for our teams, but a result of teaching the core values of our academy. Players will be taught fundamental team concepts through a scaffolded teaching approach that will increase their ability to be a confident team in competitive game situations.  

Why Our Academy?

Choosing the right program for your families and players is very important.  There are so many choices to choose from and selecting the right program can be overwhelming. At the Rising Stars Basketball Academy, we offer a unique experience through our strategic partnership with the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, it’s partners and the community basketball associations it serves. 

We have tailored our offerings to the entire basketball community to utilize from coach and player development development, player evaluations, tryout evaluations, skills challenges, training camps, leagues and showcase events.

From top notch facilities to high quality professional staff and organizational systems, we have the resources to provide players, coaches, parents, associations and officials with a great experience all around!

Youth Sports Done Right