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Athletes and Parents,

We are excited to have you as part of the Rising Stars Basketball Academy and it’s League! 

The RSBA Fall League is the premier youth basketball league in the Twin Cities and its surrounding areas offering a platform for male and female basketball players in grades 3-9 to develop their game, play games and develop life skills.  The league is designed to provide a challenging and organized circuit like series for individual athletes during their non-community and high school basketball seasons, respectively. 

As participants of this league, you will get access to great resources committed to your development. One of those resources is the Ballogy App, an official partner of the Rising Stars Basketball Academy. 


You will soon receive an email from Ballogy with an invitation to an exclusive private group on the app, specifically for ballers in the league. As a member of this group, your combine results will be recorded and tracked through the Ballogy Leaderboard function which will help us determine your draft status.  More importantly, you you’ll be utilize the app to track your performance and improvement throughout the league.  In addition to those analytics, you will be able to receive Ballogy-certified Shooting Test Scores during and after the league for six weeks!  We’ll give you all the details when we see you August 16th and 23rd.


Download the FREE Ballogy app available in the App Store or Google Play and be on the lookout for a Ballogy email that includes your exclusive “access code” to join our private group on the app.

Youth Sports Done Right