Minnesota Youth Athletics Services



This is a free service for programs that participate in MYAS events.


1. You must have an account/portal set up in the MYAS system. To access your account/portal, or to set one up, click on the "LOG IN" tab at the top of any MYAS.org web page.
2. To enter your info in your MYAS portal, begin by clicking "Basketball" at the top of the page (next to "MYAS Portal").
3. Click on "Tryouts" when it pops up.
4. Click on "New Listing" at the top of the page. (You may also edit an existing ad from this page.)
5. Click "Submit" to finish.

Tryouts (Fall)

Minnesota Heat Fall Basketball Tryouts
Minnesota Heat Girls Premier Fall Tryouts
43 Hoops Boys' Fall Team Tryouts
43 Hoops Girls' Teams Open Gyms and Tryouts
Start Strong Finish Stronger Basketball Club -- 2020 AAU Tryouts
Tartan Girls Traveling Basketball 2019 Tryouts!

Tryouts (Spring/Summer)

**SEPTEMBER 28, 2019** E1T1 Queens 2027 Team Tryouts (5th Grade Girls School Year 2019-2020) for Sping 2020 Season
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