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Invitational Basketball Tournament Listing

Presented by: MYAS Tournament Scheduling Services

The MYAS Basketball Invitational Tournament Books are being replaced by a NEW Tournament Listing Service!

What does this mean? No more printing hundreds of copies of your tournament flyers and having to ship or deliver them to the MYAS office! All you will need to do is follow the simple steps listed below to advertise your tournament on the MYAS website.



1. You must have an account/portal set up in the MYAS system. To access your account/portal, or to set one up, click on the "LOG IN" tab at the top of any web page.
2. To enter your tournament info in your MYAS portal, begin by clicking "Basketball" at the top of the page (next to "MYAS Portal").
3. Click on "Listings" when it pops up.
4. Click on "New Registration" at the top of the page. (You may also edit an existing ad from this page.)
5. Enter your tournament information. Note: All fields except "Additional Info" are required.
6. Once you've entered your information, click "Pay Now" to pay the $75 listing fee with a credit card -OR- click "Pay Later" if you'd prefer to send payment to the MYAS office.
7. Click "Submit" to finish.
8. Once you have clicked Submit, a box will appear at the top of the page where you may upload a PDF file of your tournament flyer/registration form. (This is an option and is not required.) If you do upload a file, you will need to click on the payment option once again and then click "Submit" to finalize.
9. Please note that your tournament will not appear on the listing until it has been approved and the MYAS has received your payment.


Log in to the account that you used to create the ad. To access your account/portal, click on the "LOG IN" tab at the top of any web page.
To find your tournament info in your MYAS portal, begin by clicking on "Basketball" at the top of the page (next to "MYAS Portal").
Click on "Listings" when it pops up.
Find your tournament and click on the "Edit" box. You can make changes there.
Save your changes.

There is no specific deadline to advertise your tournament. However, the sooner it's posted, the more views it will receive.

Although the advertising process is changing, the MYAS guidelines for listing a tournament remain the same:

1. The MYAS will not advertise for tournaments offering open/all-star divisions, or for any tournaments that knowingly allow open/all-star and/or renegade teams to participate.
2. Anyone wishing to list their tournament information must attest that open/all-star and renegade teams will not be allowed to participate in their event.
3. The MYAS will only advertise for tournaments being conducted by bona fide youth basketball organizations, high school booster clubs, community education departments, etc.
4. Anyone wishing to list their tournament information must specify/clarify where the proceeds from the tournament will be allocated (i.e. to a youth basketball organization, high school booster club, etc.).
5. The MYAS reserves the right to refuse tournament advertisements from persons/organizations considered to be competitors of the MYAS and/or any of the bona fide youth basketball associations that we serve.

If you have questions about this new and improved tournament advertising service, please contact the MYAS office at (763) 781-2220.


2018-19 (last year's) tournament listings


Siri Forde

763-781-2220 x1721

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