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May 19-20 Ronald McDonald House

Team Check-in


Playing Rules

Refund Policy


Please help support the Ronald McDonald House Charities by donating the following items

Items Needed Most

 Hot Beverage Cups
Paper Bowls

Other Accepted Items

 Paper Towels
Paper Plates
Plastic Silverware

Each of the tournament locations will have drop off stations.

Click here to learn more about the Ronald McDonald House.

Teams Playing at STMA

Courts 1-3: STMA Middle School East
Courts 4-6: SMTA Middle School West
Courts 1-6: STMA High School
Courts 7-8: Fieldstone Elementary


Awards Notice: The Ronald McDonald House donation drive was originally scheduled for the April 14-15 weekend. Due to the snow storm, that tournament was cancelled and rescheduled for the May 19-20 weekend. We are using the awards that we purchased for the April 14-15 weekend for the tournament this weekend. You will notice the awards say April 14-15 on them.

Division Teams Schedule
Boys 10th-Grade Div-2-A Teams Schedule
 43 Hoops 10 Robinson 2018
 Wayzata 10
 MN Lakers 10
 Mn Crush
 Bucket squad
 MN Warriors 10th
 2018 Andover 10
Boys 10th-Grade Div-3-B Teams Schedule
 Vytautas BBB
 WCW - 10th Boys
 MN Heat Dimond 10th
 GF Swish - 10B
Boys 10th-Grade Div-4-C/Rec Teams Schedule
 St Croix Shadows-V
 Brooklyn Park
 Wayzata Rebels
 Monti High
Boys 11th/12th-Grade Div-1/2 Teams Schedule
 Henning Hornets
 Sartell Sabres
 School Boys 17U
 CRCTB 12 Elite
 WI Super Hoops
Boys 11th/12th-Grade Div-3-B Teams Schedule
 GF Swish - 11B
 Robbinsdale Blue 17-18
 High Impact “ELITE
 Storm 11
Boys 3rd-Grade Division Teams Schedule
 43 Hoops 3 Jontae 2018
 Apple Valley 3rd Gold
 Northside Bball
 Elk River Sumstad
 City Hoops - 9u
 Rosemount 3rd
 MN Magic 3 Sheehy
 Twin City Grind
Boys 4th-Grade Div-2-A Teams Schedule
 Andover Huskies
 MN Suns Q. Jones
 Elk River 4A
 Magic 4-Desmond
 Double A Spartans
 MN Comets- Spiczka
 Thunder boys 4th
 Twin City Grind
Boys 4th-Grade Div-3-B Teams Schedule
 FL 4B Maroon
 WCW 4th Boys
 MN Suns A. Smith
 MN Heat Freeman 4
Boys 4th-Grade Div-4-C/Rec Revised 5/19 Teams Schedule
 43 Hoops 4 Paige 2018
 Lakers Basketball
 MDB 4 Boys Black Sprg 2018
 MN Heat 4-2 Academy
 MN Heat 4-1 Academy
Boys 5th-Grade Div-2-A Teams Schedule
 Magic 5 - Blessman
 Top Flight Black 2026
 Thunder boys 5th A
 MN Suns Sargent
 High Impact 5 Jesch
 Grand Cities Heat
 Falcons B6 Wilson W18-19
 MN Heat 5th Washington
 Team Get Shook
 2025 Battaglia
Boys 5th-Grade Div-3-B Teams Schedule
 43 Hoops 5 Alex 2018
 Lakers Basketball
 MN Heat TR 5
 Hibbing Jackets
 Falcons B6 Harden W18-19
 WCW - 5 Boys
Boys 5th-Grade Div-4-C/Rec Teams Schedule
 43 Hoops 5 Max 2018
 MDB 5 Boys Black Sprg 2018
 Cougars LS
 NorthSide Ballers
 Hustle Dan 5 2018
 Thunder boys 5th B
 MN Heat 5 Hubert
 MN Heat 5 Yahn
Boys 6th-Grade Div-2 Blue Teams Schedule
 Maple Grove 6
 Armstrong 6
 GF Swish - 6B
 MV Ballers
 Team Get Shook 5th Elite
Boys 6th-Grade Div-2 Red Teams Schedule
 43 Hoops 6 Graham 2018
 Battle Boys
 MN Rush - 2024
 Thunder boys 6th
 413 Streak
 SW MN Storm
 Falcons B8A-Spellmon W19-20
 MN Ice
Boys 6th-Grade Div-3 Blue Teams Schedule
 Farmington 6 Spring
 Lakers Basketball
 Wis City 6 Blue
 MN Swish 6 Boys
 SW Slam 6 Boys
Boys 6th-Grade Div-3 Red Teams Schedule
 MN Heat Kinder 6
 Orono 6th Spring
 Falcons B6-Williams S18
 WCW 6 Orange Boys
 DAYBA Bulls Black
 School Boys 12u
 Northwest Blaze
Boys 6th-Grade Div-4 Blue Teams Schedule
 Delano Tigers 6th
 Jaguars 12U
 MDB 6 Boys White Sprg 2018
 MN Heat Meyers
 The Panthers
 Sartell W.
 GF Swish - 6BB
 DAYBA Bulls Red
Boys 6th-Grade Div-4 Red Teams Schedule
 43 Hoops 6 Leda 2018
 Chaska Hawks
 Rosemount Irish
 Lakers Basketball
 MDB 6 Boys Black Sprg 2018
 UVA 6th McNair
Boys 7th-Grade Div-2-A Teams Schedule
 OMGBA 7.2
 Blast Hoops East
 MN Chill Elite
 Midwest Mavericks
 Hall of Fame
 Ultimate Hoops 2018
Boys 7th-Grade Div-3-B Teams Schedule
 Lakers Basketball
 Eagles 7
 Rosemount Irish -
 Orono 7th Grd Boys
 Duluth East 7
 DC Sports 7th
 Thunder boys 7th
 MN Swish 7 Angell
Boys 7th-Grade Div-4 Blue Revised 5/19 Teams Schedule
 43 Hoops 7 Jamal 2018
 Lakeville North 7C
 Wis City 7 White Boys
 southern king's
 MN Heat Fenton
 MN Heat Myers 7th
Boys 7th-Grade Div-4 Red Teams Schedule
 Hustle Sean 7 2018
 Wayzata Wolves
 High Impact - 7th Busch
 Princeton 7 Orange
 MN Heat Kulavik 7
 MN Heat M Johnson 7
Boys 8th-Grade Div-1-Elite Teams Schedule
 Minnesota GRIT
 Eastview Black 8
 Minnesota Crown
Boys 8th-Grade Div-2-A Teams Schedule
 Team USA
 Lake Harriet Dragons
 Duluth East
 Northern Hoops
Boys 8th-Grade Div-3 Blue Teams Schedule
 43 Hoops 8 Crawford 2018
 MN Heat Abbas 8
 Hustle Hard 14U
 WOTN WI-Eichler
 Lakers Eighth
 Eden Prairie
 Eastview Blue 8
 Jefferson 8B
Boys 8th-Grade Div-3 Red Teams Schedule
 Blaine 8B Spring
 Sky Riders
 High Impact - Negen
 MN Comets Stensrud
 Jaguars Gold
Boys 8th-Grade Div-4 Blue Teams Schedule
 Hustle Mike 8 2018
 Cent. 8th GRB Popp
 GF Swish - 8B
 2018 Capitol city8
 MN Heat Namoonde 8th
Boys 8th-Grade Div-4 Red Teams Schedule
 43 Hoops 8 Deyoung 2018
 Lakers Basketball
 Jefferson 8C
 MDB 8 Boys Sprg 18
 MN Swish 8 Feltmann
Boys 9th-Grade Div-2 Blue Teams Schedule
 MN Lakers 9
 Eastview Black 9
 MN Splash
 43 Hoops 9 Reed 2018
 WOTN WI-Lindenberg
Boys 9th-Grade Div-2 Red Teams Schedule
 Wayzata Blue 9
 43 Hoops 9 Williams 2018
 Sartell Black
 2018 Andover 9A
Boys 9th-Grade Div-3-B Teams Schedule
 Rogers Thelen
 Eastview Blue 9
 Late Night Hoops
 Kingdom Ballers
 WOTN Pesola 9
 MDB Eagles 9 Boys
 2018 Andover 9B
 WCW - 8/9th Boys
Boys 9th-Grade Div-4-C/Rec Teams Schedule
 CI Bluejackets 18
 Farmington CLA Eagles
 Christ's Children Cougars-8
 MN Heat Kocker 9th
 MN Swish 9th
Girls 10th-Grade Div-2-A Revised 4/14 Teams Schedule
 Royalton Royals
 PRB Area Tigers
 GF Swish - 10G
 SW Slam Girls
 Foley 9
Girls 10th-Grade Div-3/4 Teams Schedule
 WCA Knights
 SP Hoops
 Family First Edwards
Girls 11th/12th-Grade Div-1/2 Teams Schedule
 Northern Edge
 WCW - G11 Blue
 SW Slam 11 Girls
 WCW - G10 Orange
 Goodhue Wildcats
 Thunder Bay Wolves 11/12
Girls 11th/12th-Grade Div-3-B Teams Schedule
 Jump St Varsity
 Family First Girls 9-11th
 SLP Panthers
Girls 4th-Grade Div-3/4 No Pressing or Zone Teams Schedule
 Raiders 3/4
 WCW - G4 Orange
 WCW - G4 Blue
 Brainerd Girls 4th
 MN Suns 4th grade Long
Girls 5th-Grade Div-1/2 Teams Schedule
 MN Heat Schaefer
 Falcons G6 Randle F18
 WCW - G5 Blue
 Wild - Malterud
Girls 5th-Grade Div-3/4 Teams Schedule
 Minnesota Max
 Minnesota Ice
 WCW - G5 Orange
 Tartan 5
 Eden Prairie 6C
Girls 5th-Grade Div-3-B Revised 5/15 Teams Schedule
 Tonka 4/5
 Northern Lights G5
 UVA 5th Girls House
 MN Heat Carver
 Northern Magic
 Shako 5 2018
 OMGBA - G5.2
Girls 6th-Grade Div-2-A Revised 5/15 Teams Schedule
 MN Heat Lefto 6
 NMB 6
 Northwest Elite 6
 Central Lakes Thunder - 6th
 WCW - G6 Orange
 Falcons G6 Lewis S18
Girls 6th-Grade Div-3-B Teams Schedule
 WCW - G6 Blue
 Forest Lake Spring
 Minnesota Energy 2024
 MDB 6 Girls Sprg 2018
Girls 6th-Grade Div-4-C/Rec Teams Schedule
 MN Heat Gintner 6
 Hall of Fame
 E1T1 6
 Lakeville North
 Raiders 5/6 2018
 Triton Cobras Girls
 Rosemount Veliz
 Hustle Xavier 6
Girls 7th-Grade Div-2-A Teams Schedule
 Elk River
 NorthWest Elite 7
 WCW - G7
 Lady Phenom 7
 UVA 6th/7th Coach Wright
 NMB 7
Girls 7th-Grade Div-3/4 Revised 5/15 Teams Schedule
 GF Swish - 7G
 Hustle Jonah 7 2018
 The Shock
Girls 7th-Grade Div-3-B Revised 5/15 Teams Schedule
 Northern Force
 Raiders 6/7 2018
 Legacy Athletics
 Tartan 7B
 MN Heat West 7
 CannonValley Storm
 NorthCentral Wild7
 Shako 7 2018
Girls 8th-Grade Div-2/3 Teams Schedule
 UVA 8th Brooks
 WCW G8 Blue
 GF Swish - 8G
 WCW - G8 Orange
 MN Heat Wrolstad 8
 NLS Wildcats 7 & 8
Girls 8th-Grade/9th-Grade Div-3/4 Teams Schedule
 MN Heat Mack 8
 CRCTB 9 Lady Warriors
 Falcons G8 Worden S18
 Rogers 8 Blue
 FL 8th Girls
Girls 9th-Grade Div-2-A Teams Schedule
 MN Heat Bullock 9
 Jump St Keller
 City of Lakes
 WCW - G9 Blue
Girls 9th-Grade Div-3/4 Teams Schedule
 Onamia Panthers
 Jump St Audette
 E1T1 9th Girls
 Forest River Starz
 Hidden Athletes
 SW Slam 15u Fleisch
 WCW - G9 Orange
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